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The urban sport of searching for whale tails (thongs that have peeked out above the waistband of a woman's skirt or pants.
"Let's head down to Post Office Square for some whale watching"
by Mr. Rich July 13, 2006
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The act of laying down naked and trying to give yourself an erection without touching it. As you go from flaccid to hard your penis will flop back and forth over the edge of your gut. Like a whale breaching water.
I spent all afternoon whale watching and procrasturbatin
by NakedTyler January 07, 2013
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The act of scrolling through an endless sea of fat chicks on an online dating site such as or OKCupid.

Well noted long term effects of whale watching include: depression, denial, hysteria, lowering your standards, insanity, and finally acceptance with terminal loss of vision.

The cure? Fuck a hot chick.
Jonny jon spent hours last night whale watching only to wake up blind the next morning.

Dude1: Your gf is fat yo
Dude2: She aint fat, she's just a bit big boned
Dude1: *Takes off glasses* here wear these
Dude2: OMFG!!
Dude1: Common symptom of whale watching too much.. time to up your standards yo
by okcdude January 28, 2011
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The act of going to a restaurant for the sole purpose of watching the really fat people eat. Best whale watching locations include buffets, all-you-can-eat pancake dinners, and friday night fish fries.
The family and I went out to Old Country Buffet last Friday to go whale watching. We saw this one orca go back for six plates. We took pictures.
by Jack August 05, 2006
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When a person, either alone or with a group see's almost exclusively overweight or fat people.

(Jimmy and his brother are at the mall.)

Brother: Dude there are no hot chicks here. They're all huge!

Jimmy: I told you we'd be whale watching.
by jlawthelarson February 10, 2011
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An action word, a step above being a chubby chaser. if a thin man is with an overly obese woman, not a woman who is slightly overweight, it is considered whale watching
"Wow, that guy is really skinny...why is he with a girl that's like three hundred pounds?" "Oh, he must be whale watching"
by RachelD. September 03, 2007
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