Works For Me. Usually used when someone claims that something is broken.
n00b: I can't load this website.
l33t: wfm
by jisatsusha March 08, 2005
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It stands for “Wait For Me”.
Him: so baby, why can’t you WFM (wait for me)?
Her: …
by mrwl October 09, 2021
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WFM Can also be use to say Wait a Fucking Minute depending on how the user uses it.
by A crunchy cip April 28, 2020
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The work there so tough why are you still working there?

No choice #wfm
by AWAS July 09, 2015
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well fuck me!

expression of surprise. Often used in aussie dictim.
"Your mum fits 3 coke bottles up her arse? WFM!!"
by BorisTheDestroyer November 07, 2004
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Work Force Management, to schedule, forecast how many agents are needed to staff a call center.

one of the bobs, office space
Hope is our companies WFM agent.
by Hope Hopes Alot August 27, 2008
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Wanna fuck me?
A question asking if you'll have sex with them
if their hot the appropriate answer is yes.
Hot girl walks into a bar and up to a guy she asks "WFM?"
The guy"Yes"

they leave ...
by Toffee222 November 01, 2010
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