Works For Me. Usually used when someone claims that something is broken.
n00b: I can't load this website.
l33t: wfm
by jisatsusha March 8, 2005
It stands for “Wait For Me”.
Him: so baby, why can’t you WFM (wait for me)?
Her: …
by mrwl October 9, 2021
WFM Can also be use to say Wait a Fucking Minute depending on how the user uses it.
by A crunchy cip April 28, 2020
well fuck me!

expression of surprise. Often used in aussie dictim.
"Your mum fits 3 coke bottles up her arse? WFM!!"
by BorisTheDestroyer November 8, 2004
Work Force Management, to schedule, forecast how many agents are needed to staff a call center.

one of the bobs, office space
Hope is our companies WFM agent.
by Hope Hopes Alot August 27, 2008
Wanna fuck me?
A question asking if you'll have sex with them
if their hot the appropriate answer is yes.
Hot girl walks into a bar and up to a guy she asks "WFM?"
The guy"Yes"

they leave ...
by Toffee222 November 2, 2010
waiting for marriage, particularly in relation to certain types of jobs
HR, reception and property management tend to fall into the WFM category. Many women take these jobs in the short term before leaving to have children.
by fadam7811 January 13, 2012