A small, shitty city an hour south of Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. Mostly full of emo-kids and hockey players.
I went to Weyburn and heard some shitty emo music and got beat up by some hockey players.
by D-d April 25, 2006
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The best city because of how little crimes are commited.

A city where everybody is kind and caring and says sorry if they bump into you.
A city where alot of people enjoy laccrose and hockey.
Weyburns the best!
by Mike Myers] June 4, 2021
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Weyburn is a city in southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada. It is located on the Souris River 110 kilometres southeast of the provincial capital of Regina and is 70 km north of the border with the United States. The name is reputedly a corruption of the Scottish "wee burn," referring to a small creek.
Ex) It took me about an hour to drive to Weyburn from Regina.
by Andreawashere January 22, 2009
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To take a joke that someone else has had success with, make it your own, and it suddenly becomes not so funny anymore.

To complete the phrase, one must place one's left hand flat (palm down) above the forehead, and the right hand flat (palm down) around the chin.
"And then we shall ride saber-toothed ponies into the Saskatchewan sunset! Hail Weyburn!" ... "Fail Weyburn!"
by MyCrotch2009 January 2, 2010
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The inhabitants of Weyburn, a small shitty town located in Canada, Saskatchewan. Weyburn people make up 90% of the population with the remaining 10% not being Weyburn People. Being a weyburn person does not mean being born here it means having the proper attributes.

Typical Weyburn People: Inbreed Preps and gangster wannabes. They all are idiots and act like they're the greatest person to walk the earth. They listen to Nickleback and Little Wayne way to often and can't help but be a douchecanoe towards they're fellow peers. Quite common.

Typical Non Weyburn People: Dont dress, act, think or talk like the rest of them. They are seen as Normals, Outcasts, Emos, etc. These are not weyburn people, these are the few select individuals that are they're own person. Very rare.
Person 1: Dude have you ever been to weyburn?
Person 2: Yeah weyburn people are creepy as fuck, everyone looks the same and they all play hockey. Never visiting again.
Person 3: OMG u hrble persen I use to liv dere I hop yuu die! That plc b bawling yo! #Swag #YOLO
Person 1&2: GTFO
by Luckly not one of them. August 5, 2012
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