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A wetdog is a cold chill when your whole body shakes like a dog does when it is wet.
Random Person: (Has a cold chill) "Oh man I just had a wetdog"
by edsen148 January 11, 2010
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Someone who smells like a wet dog and similar to when you grab shit out of the toilet and ram it straight up your nose
Bloody hell kizza green absolutely stinks like a wetdog
by Craftminer12 January 04, 2018
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what a white person smells like after getting rained on, running long distances, or just getting sweaty/wet.
Person A: Damn did you smell Cale?
Person B: Yeah, why?
Person A: He's gotten wet from the rain, and now he smells like a damn wet dog.
by barbiedollface October 12, 2005
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when you put your balls into a girl's anus and you put your cock into her vagina and then lift up and pull your balls out slowly
I went over to Amir's last night and got blacked out drunk; then his girlfriend came in and let me perform a wet dog on her, my balls smelled like rotten eggs for a week!
by MoV September 26, 2008
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Where two people have sex doggie style in a wet environment such the bath or shower.
Dude last night my girlfriend and I did the wet dog, it was so good!
by Bobface McDoodle June 14, 2011
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The round kid at school or work that looks like a big wet dog thats just emerged from a large amount of pond water. Usually has a 24-hour 'wet' appearance.
youth 1 "Hey look it's Garnett!"
youth 2 "wet dog!"
youth 3 "hey wet dog!"
youth 4 "Garnett, do you know you look like a wet dog?"
by Bulf89 April 11, 2006
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