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A technique using gel electrophoresis to locate a certain protein. Primary antibodies are used to attach to the protein, then secondary antibodies attach to the primary antibodies to exhibit something that can be viewed. e.g. fluoresce.

The gel commonly used for the blot is a polyacrylamide gel.
Yesterday I ran a western blot on the protein I extracted from my rat brain cells.
by Naiin June 21, 2009
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When you are banging your partner while he/she is in reverse cowgirl position (cowboy hat optional), you observe that his/her anus is a little feces-stained. Thus, being the generous fucker that you are, you grab a tissue and wipe your partner clean.
After a long day at lab, I was looking to pin Sarah down and do her from behind. Maybe try out the old nasty western blot.
by John Mustache June 12, 2008
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