Someone who is obsessed with Europe or America/American Culture/Cartoons/Comics, etc. and assumes anything made in the west is superior to everything else in the world and will disregard any opinions otherwise. You can find them in comics book shops, going to Disney animated films though they have no children, and on the forums of television networks aimed at children, Antonym of weaboo.
I told that fat westaboo that Fairly OddParents was a silly child's cartoon.

He then tried to explain the deep complexity and emotional merits of a cartoon about a 10 year old who gets wishes from two fairies.
by Jashin July 13, 2009
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Guy who's obsessed with west, can be western themselves.
Westaboo Joe again: "Man the west is so good, nothing bad about the west in the slightest better than every country!"
Westaboo Joe for a third time: "Trump was a pretty stand up guy to be honest."
by emkayepic November 18, 2021
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A label usually given to an Asian or Non-American. A westaboo is obsessed with all things Old West and treats Wester moves, books, ect the same way a Weeaboo treats Anime, Manga, ect
That kid over there is such a westaboo. He wears that silly hat all the time and his room is filled with western movies and all kinds of geeky old west posters.
by TRAPS R GAYY August 12, 2019
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