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v. & n.

1. To artificially enhance one's appearance using computer software with the sole intention of propagating pornography online, regardless of relationship status.

2. A dishonest, asocial paedophile with deviant tendencies. Frequently heard speaking at unnecessary times (often to ask SFQs), with the sole effect of irritating the fuck out of everyone.
1. "Fritz decided to wenja his profile photos in the knowledge that his pathetic manhood would attract little interest as it was."

2. "What a complete and utter wenja! I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire!"
by blowyourownhorn October 29, 2010
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A Drunk battle cry. When youโ€™ve had to many beers with the boys that you no longer start speaking English and that you then start to yell random gibberish.
โ€œHey Dean, did you see Duck shove a beer up his assโ€
โ€œYeah mate, heโ€™s pretty Wenja Wenjaโ€
by Ducksta December 15, 2017
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