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A once sleepy rural town full of harmless locals a bit on the thick side but nevertheless friendly.
Since the sixties the town has filled with ethnics from the Indian sub continent.They are now into 2nd generation atitudes and give the town an air of Dehli on a bad night.
Good points...The parking is free.
Where is the temple ?
What's the fastest road out ?
by Truthteller non PC January 10, 2005
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A large-ish town in Northamptonshire that is seen as rough hence the sign on entrance formerly defaced to say Well Rough. The council think they have control of the town but it is in fact, dominated by chavs, now these aren’t your regular chavs, these are ones you want to mess with. Also there is lots of gangs. But all in all Wellingborough is a complete tip but most of the people there are generally nice and you’ll have all the kebab shops and betting shops you could ever dream of.
Ever been Wellingborough? Nah mate it’s too rough.
by Cheasayyy November 29, 2018
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A medium sized town in Northamptonshire, England. Used to be a one horse town until the horse was killed and eaten by the huge horde of East European scum that have infested the place lately (much like the rest of England really). The town was formerly populated by a large contingent from the Indian sub-continent, but these have mostly left, as they have realised that everyone is on to them, since those tossers Blair and Bush started their 'war on anyone arabic looking'!. Unfortunately the town has gone even further downhill in recent times due to the influx of drug dealing 'Psuedo' Africans and aforesaid East Europeans. Very few indiginous locals left in the area, and those that are all look confused as virtually no-one speaks English anymore. It's not really worth the effort of visiting, unless you are looking for a reason to feel depressed and suicidal.

The only good thing about Wellingborough is that it isn't Bedford!
Ivanya: "When I was coming to England, I was having to decide between living in Bedford or Wellingborough"

Lech: "and why were you choosing the Wellingborough?"

Ivanya; " Well I was deciding that I would not need to be learning the English in Wellingborough as they all speak the Poleska, also in the Bedford they would just be wanting me there to improve the stock in their inbred gene pool"
by STePPeNWoLFe September 09, 2006
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A town in Northamptonshire trying to be made famous for something other than its high crime rate and deprivation.
Wellingborough is a town.
by Cheasayyy December 27, 2018
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A little town in Northamptonshire, England. I’ve only ever been here once and I stayed and a hotel and when I woke up there was bullet holes in the door and my car was gone. Stay away. You’ve been warned.
Wellingborough is so unsafe
by Johnny Davidsonsons December 02, 2018
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A fun little town in Northamptonshire which is known by the county council to be one of the three worst places in the county to live, but to be honest, crime is worst during the summer.
Wellingborough has so many violent crimes during the summer
by Johnny Davidsonsons December 02, 2018
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