28 year old fat gir with 10 kids living in an apartment in Atlantic City: Shit i need a beer. Oh well, time to find a guy to get me pregnant again so I can afford it. More kids equals more welfare
by Abix June 03, 2005
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Social assistance for those unable or choosing not to work. Free money.
"Work harder, millions on welfare depend on you!"
by Heywood May 27, 2003
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lazy ass people who mooch off people who work!
My neighbor who sleeps all day and ignores her kid is on welfare.
by SiCkOfYoU August 28, 2005
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What fat ass lazy people use their whole life. Mainly used by fat ass white bitches with 9 kids, blacks, and drug addicts. It goes in that order too. A commonly unknown fact is that it is mostly black people, but in-fact it's us, the white people because some of us are so fucking lazy. Our country would be so better off without welfare, and then I wouldn’t have to look at your scumbag trailer parks whenever I drive around, or smell your stinky asses in the grocery store. In countries that do not have governmental assistance programs, the poverty rates are almost non-existent, because people know they have to go out an get a job not sit on their fat ass and collect welfare.
Fat Bitch: I can’t wait for my welfare check next month; I will have my 7th kid, and more kids equal more welfare
Drug Addict Husband: Yea, why don’t you bend over baby and we'll have another, maybe we an afford a car then
Fat Bitch: Well maybe we should go to the hospital first and make sure I have a baby and I’m not just getting fat from sucking cocks and watching Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer all day
by SFdickie49 February 10, 2005
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1. The largest voter pool for the democratic party.
2. A charity created by rich democrats so that they don't have to feel so bad about being rich.
3. A free ride for people who realize government cheese is preferable to gainful employment.
I feel so bad that I am a filthy rich democrat with lots of tax shelters, so I will vote to give more money to people who dont work. Of course, I will have the middle class working man pay for it.
by nonoyawns January 19, 2005
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A orginization, from the government, that gives out money to people who are low lives, and do not have the brains to get a job. Unfourntanley, as a nation, we are forced to foot the bills of people who reproduce like Rabits, and pay for their food, and other commidites.
Hey look, there is a welfare recpiant, lets go beat the sh*t out of the low life who mooches of everyone else.
by Chris Martin November 22, 2004
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a bullshit program that steals money from decent tax-paying Americans to give out to lazy pieces of shit that refuse to get a job and have fucking 9 kids.

Eliminate the welfare system.
by Xizor July 10, 2008
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