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a really really good person. often talented at sports and music.
"Liv is a weidner. No wonder she's so good at piano and soccer" Jimmy
"I wish more girls in our grade were weidners" Louis
by chitchatoflondon May 03, 2011
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The man. A Weidner usually is a male between 17-21 years of age. He is gorgeous especially with thier beautiful eyes. What comes standard with any Weidner?: A charming personality, a six pack, a fitted Mets hat, tons of useful sports knowledge, A lexus, and game. Now Lets define this game of his: speed, stamina, integrity, and just mad game that girls haven't seen before. This male will usually chill with the likes of people named... Kobe, DJ Cam, and hair gel. Women love this kid.. (Just refer to definition #1 on this page.) With his great looks and charming personality, Weidner makes a girl (mostly just victoria secret models) fall for him, gets 10 points, and then peaces. Just like his boys, thats what happens on LBI! ATTENTION WOMEN: if you meet a Weidner, good luck, he's probably outta your league. Weidner: The man, the myth, an absolute fuckin GOD!
DJ Cam: Yo Weidner got mad bitties last night...

Kobe: I come to exspect nothin less.
DJ Cam: I hooked up with her too!
Kobe: Red Flag.
by Kobe Hibbs June 13, 2010
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