Breakfast cereal sold in the UK. It consists of several pounds of wheat and protein supplements compacted into a couple of inches. Milk is poured on them, and large people eat.
*robin hood and the merry men are riding through the forest on horseback*

Robin hood, robin hood riding through the glenn. robin hood, robin hood and his band of men. Feared by the bad, loved by the good, robin hood, robin hood, robin hood.

*they arrive at a castle only to see the sherriff eating weetabix upon a tower. Robin realises he hasn't eaten his 'bix. The sherriff has a self-satisfied grin on his face*

Robin hood, robin hood is he in a fix? Robin hood robin hood forgot his weetabix! Shall he ride home? And not save the good?

*robin rides off with his men*

'Cause he should. 'Cause he should. 'Cause he should!

--Early 90's weetabix advert.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 21, 2004
An imported breakfast cereal coming from England, but designed in Australia, specifically as revenge for the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 in a subtle sneak attack by those underhanded tea drinkers!

Essentially looking and tasting IMO like cornflakes and caked together in like the bricks you'll be laying or rather pardon me... the big brown niagra falls that will be trickling down your legs within hours of consumption, you're spastic talking starfish will say an ass prayer to the porcelain god, soon to be porcelain menace, in the attempt to expunge the evil from your body.

Clever, but not unknown as a fact that it alongside Dulcolax, Senekots, White Castle "slider" hamburgers, Red Lobster crab cakes, fiber tablets, Fiber One Bars, Fiber One Yogurt, prune juice, or half my mother's cooking will be 100% garaunteed to blow your brown eye out of commission!
Goddammit Arthur, why the fuck of all the things you're country gave us it had to be weetabix? More like shit-a-brix
by Jack694 December 5, 2009
breakfast cereal which should only be ate warm, if ate cold there’s something wrong
i’m having weetabix for breakfast, but warm only
by flickercapaldi March 20, 2019
Breakfast cereal, that is among those 1% which are actually healty and not fatty.
You either love em or hate them.
The RDA is two biscuits per day, but I usually have six, which makes me shit like a horse
Shit whats that fart, dude?
Sorry, its me, I had a lot of weetabix this morning. I probably shited my pants as well.
by george June 19, 2004
Genuinely healthy breakfast cereal that can often be used as a pseudo-laxative.
Weetabix: Looks like shit, tastes like shit, gives you the shits!
by Pedro Fandango September 12, 2006
Weetabix is a definition for the literal and physical manifestation of fucking god himself. People who experience weetabix go through extreme euphoria. Its a highly prized and treasured material and most people will go to great lengths to get their hands on it. Bitch
Dude. I fully just saw Ronald McDonald back flip off of a skyscraper. This weetabix is good
by Bin man May 24, 2019
The term given for a male/female that you would seek to or recommend to ‘eat out’ the vagina of or anus again.
I’ll be seeing her again, she sure is nutritious Wet Weetabix!
by Tomay Stoves April 11, 2021