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(wee-boo) n.

A webu is a girl who is so saturated with cuteness that it spills out into any environment she may be situated in. She is usually very loud with a high-pitched, almost child-like voice. She cannot control the volume of her voice nor can she control her enthusiasm for everything. Some people may say that she has too much energy. She may have a negative or positive effect on the people around her, depending on whether or not they are buttholes.

If you are lucky, you may see a webu wandering around a grocery store after midnight looking for some candy to munch on. She will be easy to spot, for she has very large, bright, neon-rainbow dreadlocks poofing out of her head like pigtails. If you approach her with questioning about these pigtail-like decorations, though, she may become agitated and run away. If you value your life, NEVER pull on the pigtails of a webu. If you must have a closer encounter with a webu, approach her disguised as a kitty cat, instead. She will be attracted to this attire, and may in fact be the one following you.

(Physical Appearance)
As mentioned above, most of the time a webu will have large neon pigtail-like decorations. Webus are generally tall with a very wide bone structure, resembling that of an Amazonian woman's. She adorns many oversized, colorful plastic accessories. She usually carries a plushie backpack filled with toys, snacks, stickers, and the like.

She will probably make you a kandi if you ask her to. Sometimes she may do it without being asked. She also loves to make sweet treats. She will be very hurt if you do not accept her gifts of kandi and cake.

The intelligence of the standard webu is average at best. Very gullible, the webu is easy to trick. Tricking the webu or making fun of the webu usually will bring on a lengthy episode of sobbing.

Although the webu does enjoy super-cute anime, do not mistake her for a weaboo. She is not affiliated with the weaboo in any way, nor does she have any interest in the affairs of the weaboo. The average webu has never been to 4chan because it is scary. Do not scare the webu.
I think I just saw some skittles walk by. No wait, that's just a webu.

That webu just gave me this cookie...It is glowing and smiling at me.

I spent the day with a webu. Now my ears hurt and I'm covered in glitter for some reason.
by journeyhole May 08, 2009
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