That one person at work who loves webinars. They sign up and send out the invitations to webinars , making sure to copy the boss, who then makes it mandatory viewing.
OMG not another webinar training! That Michelle is such a webinerd!
by kltmrm September 22, 2017
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A Webinerd the person to whom you can ask anything about webinars and always have an answer. You have the work agenda full of marked dates to see webinars of all types and look for the "secret recipe" for a successful webinar.
When I have doubts about how to organize my material I always ask Sarah, she is the webinerd of the group
by Pachinto June 9, 2018
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Someone that breaths and sleeps webinars. Night before a webinar you cant sleep. You check the preview link over 100 times. Before the lobby opens you are pacing the room. Once you see people join a little weight is off your shoulder..once it starts the buzz begins. You start answering questions and engaging with the audience. Once it finishes you are on such a high!
by Scottish Webinerd March 1, 2019
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The unofficial MCU Superhero name for a person that exudes webcasting superpowers after being bitten by a virtual spider nerd.
The amazing Webinerd cast another impactful webcast by joining forces with Deadpool to break the 4th wall of virtual engagement.
by slamtonio February 15, 2022
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