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Definitely the most evil homework assignment service ever, Webassign lets teachers assign homework on the internet where you only have a few tries to get the question right (usually 2-3), and the little red "wrong" X's stare you in the face, taunting you all while yelling, "Haha, you suck!" Quite possibly the most infernal thing ever to exist on the internet.
1. "Webassign is the devil."
2. "The little red X's eat your soul."
3. "Webassign ruined the internet."
4. "Webassign is the reason I loathe North Carolina State University."
5. "Webassign can suck it."
6. "Webassign is worse than Tubgirl."
by Spampy December 22, 2005
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WebAssign is a homework website where you enter your answer and you will either get a green check for correct or a red x for wrong. The site has gained infamy from its users for being incredibly frustrating and making them go crazy.
Bob: "I was up doing webassign and I just could not solve problem 17."

John: "I am stuck on that problem too. I cannot get those red X's out of my head. They are haunting me. I cannot fucking stand it anymore. AHHHHHHHHHH!"
*John pulls out gun and commits suicide.*

Bob: "FUCK YOU WEBASSIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
*Bob takes John's gun and commits suicide.*
by WebAssign Hunter April 13, 2011
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Webassign is the spawn of satan. It was created by North Carolina State University to torment its students and give them more stress while in their college years. It is a plague, spreading as it is sold to other universities. The service is always crashing when students need to finish an assignment and it wastes countless hours of a students study time. In general, webassign simply sucks the life out of anyone.
Bob: Hey, have you finished the webassign homeowrk?
Bill: I did, but the damn website went down while i was finishing my homework!
Bob: Dang, that happened to me too last week!
by ncsu_student10001 September 10, 2009
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Hell on Internet Earth. This assignment will slowly drain you of all sanity until you are reduced to a tiny fetal ball rocking back and forth in a little padded cell repeating over and over "oh no oh no oh no little red X please don't show up, please don't kill me!"
Joe: "What happened to Susan?"

Kate: *glancing down sadly* "she was taken away, Webassign got to her"

Joe: "Curse you webassign!"
by Charlotte12 October 18, 2010
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The most idiotic homework website ever made. The only things I have gained by using it are a deeper understanding of my inner psychopath and a blood lust for whoever is responsible for creating it.
I just wasted 6 hours of my life doing 5 WebAssign assignments. I now want to go drive my car off a cliff, unfortunately Indiana is too flat.
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