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Wearing a silver Wedding ring tells others you’re in a open marriage or non- traditional marriage:
A silver wedding ring tells people that my husband and I go on dates with other people outside of our marriage.
by AnnaMay November 18, 2018
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When two awsome people meet each other. They are initially overwhelmed by each other's brilliance and intellect. They both thoroughly enjoy each other's company. They share a connection that surpasses all others, and although they are not nessasarily prone to engaging in sexual antics. They are most compatible in that area. Together they will command a room, (or army.) Win the houses hand and/or conjour the world. They are unstoppable.
we're good and then some... adrian and jess get together. But as annoying as they are. They are good and then some.
by AnnaMay February 18, 2015
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"What are you two up too?"

"Clearly that doesn't concern you... We're good and then some."
by AnnaMay February 18, 2015
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