National Golden Gloves Championship. A golden glove boxer is anyone who has participated in the national tournament, whether a winner or a loser.
1 I don't know if I want to fight that fool, he's been in a a few golden glove's.

2 That kid a couple of houses down the street is a Golden Glove.
by NUFFSAID82 May 1, 2006
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Urinating on your own hand then proceeding to slap your sexual partner in the face with said hand.
I knew she was a freak when she asked me to give her the golden glove last night
by Sotipop April 25, 2008
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When a guy is fisting a girl and jerking off with the same hand simultaneously.
So I was giving my girlfriend the Detroit Golden Glove the other night and my watch wrapped around my balls.
by DedBunny January 9, 2020
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While fucking a girl from behind, either anal or vaginal, pull out right before your about to cum. Cum in your hand and as she turns around smack her in the the face with your cum covered hand.
Bro last night i took that girl home from the bar and finished her off with a Rochester golden glove.
by Z bone the third July 12, 2018
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The act of urinating into a latex glove and then slapping someone and popping it on your partners face
I got golden gloved last night and totally wasn’t expecting it!
by Masterdebator1234567 January 3, 2019
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synonym for herpes used by boston sports fan after derek jeter received the golden glove.
Dude, I was golden gloved by that blonde chick on my math class.
by papadarra November 15, 2010
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