If these words come out of ANYONE'S mouth your pretty much fucked. Parents,naggy-ass wives, just nags. THINK FAST, or just run for your damn life, and pray to god he/she dont find you!
Mother: "we need to talk...."
Child: -thought 'aw fuck'
by The bitch muffin February 18, 2011
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The worst thing a man can hear from his woman. It undoubtedly signals the oncoming of a long drawn out conversation about how you don't have a vagina and how she doesn't understand that. Other features are senseless bitching about her ridiculous insecurities that defy logic and rationality.
Woman- "Are you busy? Because we need to talk"
Man- "FUCK!"...."I mean, sure honey."
"Dammit, now I have to pretend like I care for another bullshit conversation."
by White Suburban Male May 24, 2004
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It means someone needs to talk to you. Or if your penis is inable of pleasuring a woman, it COULD mean something else.
Hey, we need to talk. I think I have a plan for robbing that bank.

-Hey. We need to talk, about last night... Yea. You know. That fives minutes. YEA that five minutes.
by Ahmose October 16, 2003
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