Super awesome phrase from the Karate Kid. Refers to circular hand motions and/or ass whooping
Kid #1: Johnny was yelling at her and she did it! She slapped him!
Kid #2: Wow! Good for her, give him the wax on, wax off!
by JasAn October 18, 2007
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To 'finish' on a females tits and then rubbing it in with your hands, using the wax on wax off motion.
Guy 1: I just wax on wax off'd that chick
Guy 2: Dirty!
by TheKing1234 November 10, 2012
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A type of titty-fucking whereby each tit rubs against the penis but at different intervals.
I just saw a porn star give a dude a wax on, wax off.
by Hansel Gretel October 30, 2011
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To jack off!, originated from Mr. Miyagi's extensive training. Wax off = Wacks off, Get it?
how bout you get me out of here?, know what I mean do what you have to do...a little Wax On Wax Off will do it.
by boulder omen January 06, 2006
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