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When you accidently piss down a chick's throat while she's blowing you.
I was afraid that if I got up to take a leak, Suzy wouldn't continue with my blow job. 5 minutes later, I waterpicked her.
by mr. blump October 13, 2005
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1. A small plastic nozzle which shoots a stream of water between your teeth to remove food particles. A high-tech version of dental floss.

2. What my former roommate used to use to masterbate with. She could really get off with it.
1. (after eating popcorn) I used the waterpick to remove the popcorn kernals stuck between my teeth.

2. You should have heard her scream as she 'picked her clit'.
by 6irl5cout July 25, 2008
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When someone has a piece of food stuck in their teeth and no dental floss or anything else to get it out, so you offer piss in their mouth to dislodge it, similar to a real dental water pick.
Mike: I've had this chunk of meat stuck in my teeth and can't get it out. This is insanely annoying.
James: If you want, we can step into the mens room and I can give you a water pick.
by Kickballa February 10, 2018
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