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This word describes when you have lost all creativity and used up every idea ever, but need to keep producing content. In essence, any work you do becomes quantity over quality.
Person 1: "Shit! I've ran out of things to write about in my book. What do I do?"
Person 2: "Well, it seems like you've watchmojo'd yourself."
by Notpokemonash May 13, 2016
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WatchMojo is a YouTube channel that has over 11 million subscribers. They make Top 10's everyday and are on YouTube just for the money. They make 5 videos a day. Despite being very professional their lists suck. They are especially famous for their dumb anime lists.
Watchmojo: Haku from Naruto is God-tier.
Me: *facepalm*
Watchmojo: Sakura is the 4th best character from Naruto.
Me: *commits suicide*
by ńĆapra July 11, 2016
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To run out of ideas.
Jack watchmojoed after 4 paragraphs.
by Dickbubcus August 30, 2016
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4 is a Canadian-based privately held video content producer, publisher, and syndicator. The videos it produces are typically suggestions supplied by visitors of the site on its suggestion tool or its YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter pages. With more than 4.4 billion views and 9.8 million subscribers, WatchMojo has one of the largest channels on YouTube.
Hey, WatchMojo came out with a new "Top 10" video on YouTube!
by -Neon- February 27, 2016
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