A difficult task to perform. A task that requires a great deal of effort to complete, reaching near impossibility.
I want to convince my brother to switch back to PC, but his old XP box froze all the time. His iMac has never had any problems. Convincing him would be a real uphill dish washing.
by oldmanoreily April 11, 2010
Whenever a Jett (Valorant) uses an ultimate, and immediately dies or misses the all knives.
Our ally Jett wash dished, it was magnificent scene.
by NoodlesDoodles January 26, 2021
A term made by President Nick Atkinson meaning clean your vagina
Tyler:Aye You See That Girl..I Ate Her Out
The Prez:You I Heard She Dont Wash Dem Dishes
by President Nick February 17, 2014