A person that pretends to be a banger but aint... It does not mean white gangster. White gangsters are commonly called wankstas yet wanksta simply means a person who is not accepted by the gang community.
Ayo look at that wanksta over there tryin to bang with the bloods
somebody gotta straighten his ass out son
by TheDogIsOut February 23, 2008
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This word was created by 50 Cent in the song "wanksta" calling Ja Rule a "waksta".A "wanksta" is a very basic word meaning a person who acts/looks like a gangster or thug, but has never done anything gangster or thug-like besides acting or looking like one. It can be towards any race or ethnicity. The word does NOT imply a WHITE guy acting black.
50 Cent is a GANGSTA
Ja Rule is a WANKSTA
by JustinJS May 22, 2005
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a combination of "wack" and "gangsta".
in other words a wannabe gangsta and a loser
wanksta: i'm a gangsta! see, ive got a wata gun
by ian g. June 30, 2004
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