The face one pulls while in the act of masterbating
Lol you should see martins wanking face, it looks like his seen a ghost and got a wheelbarrow up his ass
by mitch00uk March 31, 2015
A complete and total wanker, two faced. Bastard.
Can you believe what he did?! What a wank face!
by crazyarsedfly August 15, 2011
Noun- an insult

Verb- a compliment ; "I will wank-face" I will go masturbate to your face .
"What the fuck.. ? You're such a wank-face , dude .. "

"Oh .. I think I have to wank-face now ."
by colourful_clouds July 8, 2009
1) A term used by idiots who tried to combine two insults to make a superior 'uber' insult, but failed miserbaly.
2) Said by Jonathon Ross when trying to say 'rank face'
3) It actually comes from the term used by the mexicans: 'el faceo wankido' which is used mainly when they are riding camels.
Shut up! Your such a...such a...wank face!
by Jean Pierre Lafee July 1, 2004
if someone makes a face while in public and it looks like the face they make when they masturbate
Dude 1: dude, John looks way too happy in that photo
Dude 2: Yeah, bet thats his wank face
by TheDudeWithTheDefinitions November 23, 2011
When in the act of face book raping somebody you realise you are logged in to your own account and have actually insulted yourself on your own wall.
OMG I just tried to Frape john but inatead told the world I like to lick dogs scrotum I just face wank ed
by Hinge 81 January 15, 2011