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Part of Speech- Noun
Language of Origin- Geek

1. The art of using one's penis to whoop the shit out of someone else.
2. The martial art form used by a cardboard tube ninja.
by EvilPopTart July 14, 2004
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Kung-Fu but with your wang

Prodominatley practised by nerdy folk with too much time on their hands.
Nerdman: Watch out! I'm a master in wang-fu!
Jelly: O_o um ok...
by Jelly Angel July 22, 2006
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Ancient form of fighting stlye perfected with the use of "Wang".
Gabe is superior to Tycho in the arts of Wang-Fu.
by Douchler April 10, 2003
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An Ancient and Sacred art, developed by Wang Fu Grandmasters Gabriel and Tycho. The true Wang Fu style is know only to these Grandmasters, and instead a more primitive art is taught to aspiring young students. The heart of the Wang Fu style is about grabbing the opponent's wang, before he grabs your wang. This great art requires the eyes of the eagle and the speed of the tiger, and is only taught to the most worthy. Young students aspire to be like Grandmasters Gabriel and Tycho.
I'm going to Wang Fu your wang!
by Aprentice Meyer October 13, 2004
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Noun - the martial art in which one uses a wang-like object as a weapon; the art or method of "crashing" a web server by large quantity of valid HTTP requests from a large number of people.
by Scott July 08, 2003
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