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Wallup: i'm afraid you may know something you were not supposed to.
Friend: wut?
Wallup: just know you will always be my bestie because you know too much. Otherwise, I'm afraid I have to kill you.
by friendsForever June 19, 2013
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the vagina
"You all have an interesting wallup!"

"Goddamn that wallup's wide!"
by Mark October 19, 2003
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When you do push ups against the wall in the shower.
"I never have time to exercise anymore!" "I know, that's why I always do wallups in the morning in the shower...."
by tadpole0763 April 17, 2010
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"Wall up" is the term used when engaging in lingo de graffiti. when used it is referring to creating new graffiti or tagging up a wall. Starting or beginning a new piece of street art.
Wall up:

Hey friends, i seen a neat wall with a lot of empty space; Wallup!
by Graffiti 2LOb February 14, 2013
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1. (verb)- A phrase used to describe the act of ignoring someone or something that you do not like; often associated with race or ethnicity.

2. (verb)- A celebratory exclamation used when blocking someone you hate from doing something.

(Both definitions are in Reference to: Donald Trump's proposal to build a wall, to keep out bad hombres from entering our country.
Example for definition #1.)-
Friend 1: "I ignored that ching chong chang guy from my work like 1000 times.. that fucker kept on calling, so I finally called him a gook and that shut em' up!"

Friend 2: "hahahah, wall up partner!"

Example for definition #2.)-
*Friend 1, walks into a room where he finds Friend 2, making out with a mexican chick*

Friend 1 says to the mexican girl: "Hey Taco Bell, did you know that Friend 2 has herpes?

*Friend 3 stumbles into the room in a drunken stupor*

Friend 3 exclaims to Friend 2: "HA! WALL UP, YOU PUSSY ASS (*burps loudly mid-sentence*), BITCHHHH"

Friend 2: "You stupid Fucks! You ruined everything!"

*Friend 3 and Friend 1 walk out of the room and high-five*

Friend 1 say to friend 3: "Nice job in there bro, you fucking schooled that ass clown"
by AyeeeeBroooo December 12, 2016
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