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Hawaiian words put together meaning Gushingwater, also a city in Hawaii on the island of Oahu
Pahu- Gushing

Waipahu is Ghetto
by Konix April 19, 2004
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a place where ice heads and crack heads ride up and down the street on bikes in the dead of night. a place where you can find a crack whore asleep in broad daylight in her whore-mobile. a place where your car can get jacked with class. a place where you can get your ass kicked just for exchanging dirty looks. Ghetto.
Boy #1 from Mililani: Eh, no like mess wit him he stay from Waipahu
Boy #2 from Mililani: Oh no!!!
by hAwAiiAn PriDe May 11, 2005
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Waipahu a city known for all its gangs, drugs and sugar mill, where you’ll find the real block. A place where you’ll find trouble day n night cuz it’s either eye problem or cuz you acting dum. Waipahu may not be the most dangerous place on the island of Oahu but you’ll get your things jacked to getting beat, especially when your in aniani or pupuole.
Boy 1: We go cruz around Waipahu

Boy 2: hoo cuz fuck dat u tryna live or u tryna get jacked
Boy 1: cuz I meant pearlridge

Boy 2: rajah dat cuz I was goin bus em back home
by Bangincuhzz July 14, 2018
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A city on the leeward side of Oahu; means land of the bursting water.
You can find many people from different ethnicities Waipahu.
by queenphan February 05, 2017
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