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Mililani a town central of the hawiian island Oahu. A hawiian word meaning “thankful”, “to praise” ect. The Town of Mililani also known as “Mililani Town” is the first planned community in Hawaii. The land being used for WW2 then pineapple fields and now a “bedroom” community. Known for its scenery, Beauty and elevation into the mountains. Most of Oahu looks down on Mililani for being a “rich kid” place (its not). When Mililani loses everyone els wins. Mililani High School has the #2 ranked football team in the state. Is the home and roots of two MMA champions Christian and Angela Lee fighting for One championship.
“We go cruise at the Mililani town center”
“I heard Sean from Kapolei got dropped by that Mililani Boi named Battle”
by KingBattle96789 September 25, 2019
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mililani is a beautiful young soul. the biggest heart. genuine and kind. she has an unconditional love. lovely and the most respectful. funny and has a great vibe. you’ll never not smile around her. she brings light into the room. her presence is no other. she’s one of a kind. she’s kind and confident. she’s book smart and street. intellectual and intelligent. she’s beautiful. very pretty and gorgeous. she’s attractive in any way. she lives having fun and loves to adventure. she loves to try new things out and isn’t picky. her personality is bigger and better than any other. a heart bigger than the sun. usually very athletic and talented. a dancer and performer. a lover and fighter
by Mili_rose July 30, 2018
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