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The hottest girl out there. She can seduce you and make you deeply in love...then leave yo ass. No one ever seems to know if she’s single or taken. She’s so pretty and all the girls are jealous of her and she knows it. Girls always wanna fight her for some reason but she doesn’t give a fuck. She’s the queen of fucking everything. Get yourself a wadeema.
Damn choofha shag, akeed ismha wadeema.

(Damn she so hot , she must be a wadeema)
by A7m November 19, 2018
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Shes the hottest girl out there. Shes really caring about the people she loves bas.. shes a pain in the ass to people she doesn’t love\like. She can make you deeply in love and dump your ass the next day. She doesn’t really show it bas she’s really caring for other people.
Shoofo this girl shes hot af her name must be wadeema
by Anonymousnumber101 September 16, 2019
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