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The awkward pants-around-your-ankles shuffle you are forced to do when the last person didn't replace the toilet paper and the spares are far out of reach.
Curse you brother for forcing the waddle of shame upon me! Replace the toilet paper when you finish the roll!
by liliawhisper April 08, 2015
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The awkward, embarrassing waddling motion towards the bathroom every girl on her period makes when, upon standing after sitting/lying down, a large rush of blood and uterine lining uncontrollably exits the body all at once, and leaks beyond the present pad or tampon. The waddling motion is to avoid blood dripping down the legs due to the movement.
I got up this morning and had to do a waddle of shame, because it's my second day.
by definitionatorizer April 29, 2014
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The painful, embarrassing, and symbolic walk back towards your friends after you have taken a massive smash. It shows that you have just taken an ass-ripping shit that may or may not have destroyed the piping system in the victim's toilet
Jonathan was seen doing the waddle of shame back towards his posse after exiting the bathroom
by mayonaise boots March 31, 2015
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