A surname originating in the mid twelfth century from wachsem, a German word meaning to grow. It is generally associated with the ubermensch, or the general scientific theory that someone with the last name Wachs will evolve into the next highest form of life.
"Dear God, A wachs is coming, she'll kill us all and drink our bodily fluids thereby gaining all of our knowledge and strength!"
by Wachs February 13, 2009
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The premiere thing to be in Latin America, similar to WASP in the United States. It will probably catch on in the United States as the huspanic population increases and racial tensions between mestizos, indians and whites erupt again. Right now too many Hispanics immigrating to the United States are brown, so this is socially irrelevant at the moment.
All the girls wanted to date Daniel, who was a certified WACH.
by svpamster January 23, 2006
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A Female's crotch. It is pronounced like watch, but what ev
female#1: your sister is wearing 2 waches today
female#2: hahahahaha, well, your watch is from your brother!

female#3: ooh that was cold.
by t cxs January 26, 2011
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wake up! in German.
Non German Speakers think its fuck off
same as pass auf can sound like piss off
Teacher:Jordan , wach auf und pass auf.
Jordan: What!? Fuck off and piss off?
by Stevie C June 7, 2005
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A Wache is a fat ass, someone with very extra pounds.
by kabyle June 18, 2003
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When ur down 3-1 and iToxic27 Say aye WACH UR JET and your watching all your sides and conners and going the best you can.
by Eeeeclipse foraaza April 20, 2019
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used when someone wants to fuck you up
wach baghi tsrtni akhay mouad
by leedknight May 1, 2022
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