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A professional Counter-Strike team from China. Currently world No.1. Winner of 2006 WEG Masters.
However, a more official name of the team should be '' or 'wNv.gaming' due to the presence of another Counter-Strike team under wNv the club - '' or 'wNv.china', who rivals against for the best in China.
Current team members (by handle):
Jungle, Sakura, Alex44, Mikk and tK.
Guy1: You know wNv?
Guy2: I heard about them. They are pretty good.
Guy1: They are the best! Watch their demos and enjoy their frags!
by Golden Bryan July 23, 2006
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(1)WNV in an acrynm for White N*ggerville-

(2) A community whose population is composed predominantly of socioeconomically disadvantaged white working class peoples with a pension for heavy drinking (specifically Budweiser), smokeless tobacco products and gambling. They tend to hold racial bias towards non-whites while at the same time sharing the same appetites for expensive mobile devices, sneakers, easy money, professional sporting events and copious amounts of alcohol often exhibited by urban populations.

(3) A tendency to be aspirational in nature. Can be found partaking in activities that they perceive as elite such as golf, tennis, yoga or 'fine dining.' Often times delusional enough to believed that participation in such activities will disguise their white n*ggerdom.

(4) Chardon, Oh.; Mentor, Oh.; Perry, Oh.; Madison, Oh.; Geneva, Oh.; Willoughby, Oh; Wickliffe, Oh.; Willowick; Oh.; Eastlake, Oh. Chagrin Falls (Geauga County side), Oh.
Realtor: Please describe your life style so I know where to begin your homesearch.
Buyer: Welp, I like to drink heavily and am often characterized as 'socially dysfunctional.'
Realtor: I know of a few properties in WNV that you would really love!
by Georgy6969 June 10, 2018
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