or woot Used as exclamation on many online fourms/games etc.
"w00t! I got 7000 Gold! ^^"
by Keenan H. May 17, 2006
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A term used to express joy, the two 0's are for leet or 1337 speak, the nerd language using numbers and symbols instead of letters usually. The term w00t comes from the shortned version of "Wow loot" from early mmorpg's or massivly multiplayer online-roleplaying games such as Ultima Online, contrary to the idea that it from counter-strike or CS
Geek: Look a high Level drop
Nerd: w00t!
by Redbullddr August 2, 2005
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acronym used in online gaming as an expression of triumph. stands for 'we own the other team'. the zeros are put in because nerds are attempting to take over the world with binary. also they think it looks cool
'haha, we fragged their asses, w00t!'
by anon March 9, 2005
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when you are happy about something, you say w00t. Kinda mkes me think of raise the roof....
Person 1: Guess what?
You(person 2): what?
Person 1: You just won the lottery!
You: w00t!
by leeliahn February 11, 2006
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Something idiots submit to forums when they don't have anything better to say.
by Lorcain May 6, 2003
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Popular l33t meaning yeah, sweet, awesome, or another phrase used to express excitement; to show congradulations.
W00t i just pwned that dude.
Sweet dude I'm in the guild, w00t.
by Whsikey Tango Foxtrot January 3, 2006
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It's a state of mind where everything is cool. Wootness differs from chonkey in the sense that it is more 'style-related' : how you do things from day-to-day and how they end up based on the approach you took to do those things you do. When all things are going well in your own life, that's when you know that the wootness flows through you like water - it's a part of you - it's natural to you...When everything goes your way - or for the most part goes your way - that's when you know you have the power of woot within you...All of us do, it can come from time to time - or disappear for a long time, or simply stay w/ us our whole lives - we just have to believe in it...
by Anonymous November 23, 2002
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