Stems from the classic internet w00t.

n. One who w00ts excessively, almost orgasmically.
"You're such a w00t-off, shut up."

v. To command someone to go away because of their obnoixiously happy/hyperactive nature.
n. "You're such a w00t-off, shut up."

v. "w00t-off man, you're really annoying me."
by suzi (the mythical tuna) February 12, 2004
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An expression of joy and excitement.
Also and acronym for "We Own the Other Team"
Free Ice Cream. w00t!

We'll win, w00t!
by Ansem June 6, 2005
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The glorious culmination of w00t and b33r
by ChibiTaryn August 1, 2003
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the act of congregated w00000ting
switch on your ICQ for da w000000t@g3
by Anonymous May 16, 2003
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Something so awesome, the original expression w00t is not enough.
Me: I just caught me an Oompa Loompa!
Satan: w00t in a boot!
by gammiper March 18, 2010
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A variation on w00t, particularly when the w00ting is very intense and you are WINNARing in everything.
by Tom Sc00ter November 9, 2004
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