A group that of people that are clueless and even when thousands of people got screwed over by purchasing their product but not being able to play it request them to change their ways, they still don't say a word.
Look at that vivendi group over there, they didn't release HL2 even though people have copies!
by ClickForth November 15, 2004
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a) The way one lives.
b) Minor disagreement that could upset a "beneficiary" of the solution.
Let's keep our modus vivendi and stay calm.

Oh my, modus vivendi has occured, let's rectify it.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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Also known as "VUG".
Most of the times refered as an insult against people that like to delay Half-Life 2 and hold it as a hostage.

*Oh and they're French too.
"I hope Vivendi will burn in hell."
"Release the god damn game already, you fuckers!"
by HumaNoiD November 15, 2004
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