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When something is going to be cool, such as a party or a girls booty
Ben: Yo dude you down for this vish party in CP tonight brah'
Ryan: No doubt, most vish
by JohnnyFleekins August 31, 2005
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As one of the most sacred words having it's roots in the most ancient of languages, it refers to the capacity to be unique and excellent. Used as an Indian name, albeit uncommonly, it generally represents high moral character, empathy towards others, and an innate understanding of the existentialist path of all people and how it can all be brought into a universal oneness.
"There has never been a more noble, honest and kind ruler in all the lands of Asia than King Vishes."

"On unfriendly terms he can be vicious, but as a friend, he is a truly vishes personality"
by Vincent Gambini July 21, 2009
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Short for "vicious," intended to be the new fierce. Used when describing something you find to be gorgeous or otherwise fantastic. First coined on gossip website Oh No They Didn't!
by gefingerpoken March 10, 2008
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Short word or nickname for the drink Wisniowka... a polish cherry vodka/cordial drink popular among many Eastern European Communities.

Cherry coloured, semi-dry, flavoured vodka made from premium spirits and masterfully combines varieties of cherries.

Best served chilled and straight for sipping or is delicious with lemonade and other mixers in a tall glass.
"Who's up for a shot of vish?"
by Toni_x March 03, 2007
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