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Vishing is a term when a Youtuber is performing well (a lot of views in a day). If a video or multiple videos are in a state of vishing, it's the highest point you can be and you gotta let the competition have some time to shine.

Note: This is a term used exclusively by very few people in the Gaming Community of Youtube, and those who are partnered under a Network. (TheGameStation, Machinima, TGN, Curse, Vultra etc.) Usually the term is not used within those that are not partnered as they don't monetize their views.
Jerome: Yo man, I got 100k views on this video in a month. I'm vishing with this game.
Chris: That's nothing bro. My video's been vishing. It got a million views in a day.
by Edward Weeble January 13, 2016
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A method of phishing using a voicemail system in an effort to illegally obtain personal information about the recipient.
Just checked my voicemail and I got my first vishing message, yeah like I'm gonna call you back with my credit card number... I'll get right on that.
by Joustingdude May 19, 2009
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