A Chevette. When someone scratches out the first three letters of the word Chevette on their car as if to make up for their small penis.
Dude, check out my Vette.
by R(ee) November 7, 2008
The best Star Wars song of all time. About boba fett.
My backpack's got jets, I'm Boba, the Fett.
by MC Alex November 14, 2004
When your driving a vette and you notice other vette drivers giving you the thumbs up or a wave.

Your at the store, gas station, and you get random people talking to you about your vette.

You driving and you see chicks staring at you. Even if they are with there boyfriends.

Newer Corvettes mostly 2005 and newer. C6 models.
Can also work with a clean older vette.

Mikeyy. Hey Eric have you noticed anything different driving around in your new vette? cuz I sure did
Eric. Hell yeah! I just got some vette respect from a hot chick riding with her man.
Mikeyy. Sweet deal.
Eric. I guess she recognized the game.
by Mikeyyy May 19, 2007
A great song for Bobba Fett by MC Chris, go listen to it ;D
"My Backpack's Got Jets / Well I'm Bobba Fett / I Bounty Hunt for Jabba Hut / I Chill in Deep Space"
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
A nickname for the C4 (1984-1996) Chevrolet Corvette, due to it being the same style Corvette that Mattel gave Barbie and the fact it is a less desirable and "cheaper" Corvette than most other Corvette body styles.
fred: Hey, I saw a Corvette today for sale

Charlie: What year?

Fred: I don't know, it was a Barbie Vette
by Jiels_liken April 11, 2009
little fag boy who lies about having a corvette
vette boy: Errr i had sex in the back seat of a corvette stingray!

Diesel: Stingrays don't have back seats... wanker!
by some_random November 8, 2007
A verb used to describe the action of always leaving work to take vacations
I know I just returned from Aruba, but my husband and I are still vett-ing to Myrtle Beach next week.
by B-Rye P February 7, 2019