A relatively recent specialty within the field of veterinary medicine, devoted exclusively to treating the eyes of non-human animals.
His dog, at the age of ten, had become completely blind. Whereas her blindness would once have been permanent, it could now be reversed. Dr. Jane Cho, a surgeon practicing in Westchester County, New York, had performed a miracle, in his view, had given back the world to his dog by restoring her vision. With each additional year of newly-sighted life, he felt enhanced gratitude toward the doctor and her staff, thankful for the gift of veterinary ophthalmology.
by Monkey's Dad August 22, 2021
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a gynaecologist or other medical professional who deals in vaginas.
"Clarice, there is something wrong with your snatch. Get yourself down the vagina veterinary and come back when you're palatable," requested Mr. Lecter as he sharpened his oyster knife.
by realtalk_rodney January 4, 2012
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bitches who love bitches.. any males studying this will be relished and adored by all and posses greater job possibilities
vet nurse veterinarian veterinary nurses
by chunkymonkeybes October 19, 2013
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A qualified proffesional, who is trained to look after your pets at the veterinary clinic. Veterinary nurses study hard for their qualification and need to know about more than 1 species! They get paid FAR less than a 'human' nurse, despite carrying out a simililar job-role.
Veterinary Nurses have to be registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to legally practice in the UK.

Duties usually include:
* In-patient care/Ward rounds
* Anaesthesia
* Radiography
* Laboratory work
* Drug dispensing
* Phlebotomy
* Surgical assistance
* And much, much more!
A good way to piss a VN off is to ask them: "So when are you going to become a Vet?" GRRRRR :(
Veterinary Nurse (UK):
RVN - Registered Veterinary Nurse
VN - Listed Veterinary Nurse
SVN - Student Veterinary Nurse
VN = Very Naughty, Very Nice, VERY NECCESSARY, Veterinary Nurse!
by AlovelyVN May 31, 2010
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When one penetrates their woman from behind (doggy style), one slips a cheeky finger into the anus. This results in involuntary bliss. One might call this a veterinary prostate exam.
by Animal Doctor: Who? September 19, 2020
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