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a verbo is where you make a slight misspronounciation of the word your trying to say. essentially a verbal typo.
"lets go to the tim huttons"
"nice verbo dumbass"
by RangerJahu December 09, 2006
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A definitive name in underground music. Verbos or Mark Verbos as he was born came from Wisconsin and subsequently lived in Chicago, Berlin and New York. He is the owner of the techno label Simple Answer.
Verbos makes the best records ever.
by Mascha Hengstermann January 16, 2004
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Making a sentence more complicated and in some cases, more grammatically correct than its previous iteration.
An example of Verbos:
Gotta Go Fast.
I have got to go at a high speed.
I feel an indescribable urge to traverse at a velocity exceeding the norm.
by KingFuff May 24, 2018
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