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A verbal typo is the result of a well meaning person trying to say something coherent but tripping over his or her own mouth in the attempt. Generally, a verbal typo is similar in appearance to the intended word when written down, but when spoken it sounds twisted and often hilarious.
Combarst is a verbal typo of combust
by BigGoofyGuy April 10, 2005
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an announcement made when you realize that you've said something wrong.
Girl: They were boith there.
boy: what?
Girl: Oh...VERBAL TYPO!!!
boy: I thought as much.
by Pixie Stix, yo! February 11, 2007
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A verbal typo occurs when someone says something and the word uttered is not what they wanted to say.
John: I wash my hands with soup.
Jane: Don't you mean soap?
John: Oops, verbal typo.
by IEatzCookies September 06, 2016
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A verbal typo is when someone says something other than what they wanted to say in the first place. It is most often a switching of prefixes between two words, such as "chicking tock" instead of "ticking clock". It can also be an entirely different word that just sounds the same. Verbal typos occur a lot, and can happen to anyone at any given time.
John: Damn, I can't concentrate. That chicking tock is so annoying!
Jane: What's a chicking tock?
John: Sorry, ticking clock. Just made a verbal typo.
by IEatzC00kies August 19, 2016
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