The student liked to work hard and party hard thus applied to Vandy.
by Kevin March 30, 2005
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The act of ducking out of work early on a regular basis. Promising a full 40 hour work week to an employer, when in realty, working 20 hours a week at most.
"Did you happen to see Michelle around recently? I saw her this morning." "She probably pulled a vandy today."
by terry brady September 1, 2006
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An anti-climatic or poorly told story.
A very poor recounting of an event.
"Thanks for boring me to death with that vandy."
"You just pulled a vandy"

Explaining a joke from a TV show in a poor and nonsensical manner.
by JBBeaver January 18, 2007
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Put the flak away, you Vandy!
by antispam February 10, 2004
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When your you have sex with a woman and it feels like her vagina is giving you a magical handjob.
We had had sex before,but this time while we were doing it,she gave me a Vandy and it was twice as good.
by 93 yourcultleader93 January 26, 2021
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To give or receive a handjob within the confines of a van.
Me: Dude, I totally got a vandy from my girlfriend on the way to the concert last weekend!

Friend: :O
by theblapman August 8, 2012
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Vandi defines as someone who doesn't stay with one person.People like Keevan
Keevan,please don't be a vandi
by Vanthoram4lyfe June 8, 2018
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