a word used commonly by the australian aboriginals. it means "isn't it?"
by bob August 18, 2003
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word to acknowledge profound understanding of what another person has said, inferring that they need say no more, especially useful when needing to cut someone off before offending other parties involved in dialogue. Can also simply mean yes to any form of request.
"get me a beer"
"unna, bro

"Jan's mum's a dirty tart"
(jan enters room)
"Unna bro, unna"

Comes from slang australian aboriginal language
by Nigeinjapan May 9, 2005
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Unna: meaning you. Word of jamaican "patios" Origins.
For example " All unna get ya lazy backsides out of bed"
Or " unna lot best get out of here babylon are coming"
by reggae bwoi cammo June 15, 2006
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(n)a person of which is of australian aboriginal heritage
(v)acting and living like an aboriginal(eg.30 ppl in a car)
(adj)Something that is highly related 2 coon culture

also can be used as fragments in sayings.
Unna der=under there,ther is a black kunt
Unna cuz=i understand man
(n)"Fucking hell these unnas swarm!"
(v)"y dont we unna dat liquor store"
(adj)"Fuck that...doin that shits pretty unna"
by ya mum June 17, 2006
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Unnas is a name for a girl who is hella thick and fucking beautiful. Like if you ever meet a Unnas, trust me get to know her right away!
"That girl looks like her name could be Unnas, i mean look at her man."
by Allrealice July 26, 2018
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The most beautiful girl ever! If you know or see a Unnas get to know her trust me, she a beauty.
Look at that fine girl shes probably a Unnas
by Allrealice August 14, 2016
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