A funny person who is vengeful and will give wrath when needed. A great friend but a horrible enemy.
That Valentina will take revenge let me tell you. Last time I woke up in a bed of snakes.
by FlickerFlame123 January 16, 2016
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A female of uncontrollable beauty. Every person wants a Valentina in their life. She can be defined as beautiful and bad-ass. Never mess with a Valentina's boyfriend there can be a huge problem. A Valentina would have beautiful long hair, big eyes, and a nice ass.She is great in bed and will produce the best sex you will ever have. Valentina can be found dating someone with the following names: Jake, Mike, Andy, Chris, Logan, Jason, and Michael. She can be a well known comedian and will make many laughs. But be careful because Valentina can and will phisically hurt you if you mess with her loved ones. She loves her friends much more than her family and can be defined as left out and lonely when near her family. She never feels approved by her family and will always refer to her friends as her real family. Valentina needs affection If your her boyfriend then show her lots of love. She wants to be hugged and kissed.. So go ahead dont be afraid she wants it as much as you do. IF YOUR NOT HER BOYFRIEND DONT FLIRT. She can be known as a undertale fan. If you want to get with a Valentina.. make sure she isnt in a relationship and remember the way to a Valentina's heart is art. Suprise her with a cute text from time to time and ask her if shes okay... A Valentina can be shy once it comes to relationships she will hug you but wont go further until you make the first move. And like i said dont be afraid to make the first move you wont regret it :).
"Valentina is the sweetest, most

beautiful, female i've ever met, i would hook you up with her but... Her boyfriend Jake will kill you!"
by Justine_Gurl November 19, 2016
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a Very goodlooking girl with a large sexual appeal...
pale skin, long hair,
creative, and a party animal
at times she can be shy but thats not her true colors
almost everyone wants her..
Guy #1--Omg... i met the most beautiful girl i have EVER laid eyes on...
Guy #2-- Must have been a Valentina
via giphy
by FlorjiandaMan March 02, 2017
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Funny girl. Could become your BFF. Always smart and will cheer you up every time.she might be aggressive sometimes , but perfect when sad. Beautiful name. If you have one Valentina enjoy her while you can!
Valentina,you’re my BFF!
Wanna come over.
by Namers January 08, 2018
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1. A nice, sweet, beautiful girl, who is kind to everyone. Absolutely creative, and artistic.
2. A tasty spicy sauce.
3. A fashionista
1. Look that girl is a Valentina

2. That is spicy like a Valentina

3. Ooh! Look at that dress it looked like a Valentina
by Showlover2005 January 02, 2017
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