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vagina is pussy;pussy is a problem:vaginaties are problems
Dat' bitch's attitude poses a vaginaty(singular).
by Tre April 4, 2004
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vagina is pussy,pussy is a problem;vaginaties are problems
I dislike these damn vaginaties
by pharoahpimp March 13, 2004
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(n) vaginatis is a socially deadly disease caused from the lack of eating animal meat. It is characterized by the manifestation of sores on the skin in the form of tiny vaginas. If it remains untreated the patient may turn into a giant walking pussy.

Other symptoms include: hugging trees, joining cults, hypocrisy, visiting art galleries, playing guitar on the sidewalk, becoming a bitchy slut or an annoying asshole
I'm calling disease control because Serge ordered a salad. I suspect he has vaginatis.

Jad is starting to think that animals have rights. I'm gonna shoot him in the head to preserve his dignity before he commits social suicide
by Lupus ain't no pussy December 4, 2011
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