n. A vagina that is legendary in both girth and depth, usually covered with a monstrous amount of pubes.
"I was doin' this gal last night and she didn't even notice. I think I have discovered a vagiant."
by Wendellian October 12, 2005
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Giving birth to multiple babies will result in a vagiant.
by Joejohn October 17, 2013
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A mutant creature consisting of a vagina with legs, usually 40ft or taller.

No, it's just sliding up and down that tall building.
by Kevin Costelloe May 3, 2005
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guy 1: "duude, i saw this thing yesterday tht looked like a vampire but it was like 15 feet tall!!!"

guy 2: "oh, it must have been a vagiant. i see them all the time."
by esteee December 14, 2009
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Any woman who is extrodinarily tall or large, but not fat. (see hugina)
Wow1 Look at that girl, she's a vagiant
by Nick February 26, 2004
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noun. A HUGE vagina, as viewed from the outside of the body, or determined by the amount of empty space on the inside of the body.
Tom Arnold's quote about having sex with Roseanne Barr says it all "...it's like landing a 747 in the Grand Canyon." She would be considered the owner of a "Vagiant".


I was with this chick last night, and her "vagiant" scared the living hell out of me!
by MOrtlip August 2, 2007
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a giant Vagina that is capable of taking down ocean liners..used by comedian Robert Sandy beach
her legs spread wider than the Panama canal its Vagiantic..so far we are missing two Carnival Cruise ships and a tugboat!
by rj hitchen May 26, 2012
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