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on some magical occasions, whilst rubbing a clitoris, a cloud of smoke may exit the vagina heralding the arrival of a genie. This genie may grant any one vagina related wish, from regular sex to dp to fisting and on and on. Just don't ask the vagenie for anal sex as this can only be granted by the assgenie. Such requests make the vagenie angry and can often backfire.
Sam rubbed and rubbed Barbara's clit until the blue smoke swirled from her vagina and the vagenie appeared. Sam ignorantly said, "Oh Great Vagenie, please grant me the pleasure of fucking Barbara in her dumper." This made the vagenie very angry as dumper sex is the providence of his cousin, the assgenie. Instead of what Sam wanted, the vagenie granted one queef from Barbara right in Sam's face, then disappeared. Better luck next time, Sam.
by crancix June 22, 2010
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A vagina that when you rub it, it makes all your wishes and dreams come true.
by I FUCKED UP... YOUR MOMS PUSSY October 25, 2017
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Noun: (pronounced: vuh-jee-nee) - The mystical spirit demon that resides deep inside a woman's vagina that will come out and grant you three magical wishes if you are lucky enough to awaken it from its slumber.

Difficulty: 10/10 (Nearly impossible!)

NOTE: Only four men throughout history have been able to awaken the Vagenie:

1 - Richard the Lionhart - Who had the forethought to lead the Crusades and set us up for the last good Indiana Jones movie.

2 - Saladin - The Sultan of Egypt and Syria who led the Muslims against the Crusaders and eventually recaptured Palestine from the Kingdom of Jerusalem after his victory in the Battle of Hattin...OR DID HE...?

3 - Genghis Khan - Emperor of the Mongol Empire, the largest contiguous empire in history, and cameo superstar of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

4 - Lou Diamond Phillips - Star of La Bamba and Young Guns. Consequently while lucky enough to wake the Vagenie, its overwhelming omnipresent force rendered Lou mentally challenged, ergo no Young Guns III and a remaining filmography of pretty much crap after the early 90's.

Honorable mention awarded to Billy Zane - keep tryin' big guy!
I was fucking this girl really hard the other night, like really railing balls deep, then all the sudden these strange popping noises and intense, vibrant, blinding lights and mist emanated from her pussy and the motherfucking Vagenie appeared out of nowhere and granted me three magical wishes!

I asked it for a bottle of chloroform, some roofies and a scream mask!
by Dr. Manhattan (69) November 05, 2009
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The mystical genie that lives inside a vagina.
Boelle: Hey want to try and call forth my Vagenie?
Nrad: Hell yeah bitch!
Boelle: Give me a good rub and He'll give you three wishes.
by Clyde Bangor August 29, 2006
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A vagina so good it can be considered to hold magical powers.
"That girl from the office is gross. I don't know how she gets so much action, she must have a vagenie or something".
by we_need_jesus September 18, 2017
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A genie that magically comes out of the vagina after sex or other stuff related to the vagina
The magic vagenie appeared out of my vagina when I touched it
by Grandmama tities February 05, 2015
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The word Vagenie was created by Niccoya T.

It is another word for vagina, because pussy just sounds stank, hairy, and disrespectful. Vagina sounds too clinical for everyday conversation.
My vagenie has a rash.

Rub the vagenie and something will surely come out.
by Nicci T. June 12, 2017
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