A society in which everyone live in perfect harmony together. Everything about this place is perfect. The families, houses, schools, cities, etc. are all built perfectly without a flaw in sight. The parents complete their jobs perfectly, Tom Jager shotguns his white claws, and even the kids have perfect grades. Truly a perfect place that has yet to exist.
“Yo bro you see that Sally got an A in all her classes”-Bro 1
“Ya bro did you see that Tom Jager shotgunned his White claws?”-Bro 2
“No way bro! This is truly an utopia!”-Bro 1
by WhiteClawsJags17 January 30, 2019
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A utopia is an idealized social construct largely relegated to fiction and sociological thought experiments. In a utopia everybody gets along and does not need much if anything. In theory all have equal rights to food, shelter, and other basic needs. There are many suggested forms of utopia suggested: Eco, Technological, Religious, Science, Economic, etc.

There are others, but it boils down to any given system and the will of the people over all. The moment someone decides to take over or people start to grow disillusioned. All attempts have failed to produce a viable society and have broken down. (See Plato's Republic.)

Proponents of any one of these will argue with their dying breath how the other ones are the devil, however the truth is that each has their pros and cons. The fact is they're a pipe dream because human nature: greed and selfishness.
Plato's Republic was written to explain what a utopia was and why they can't work.
by FlarkinOverlord June 25, 2019
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The perfect state of existence for human kind. However this ideal will never be realised because Utopia defies itself. The most perfect system would sponsor cultural and intellectual stagnation, whereas the least perfect would cause inequality nad polarisation of the community. Utopia would therefore be "imperfect perfection", a state that is impossible to attain while we still wear skin and think with fleshy minds.
Utopia will never exist. Stop dreaming.
by Small dog named karl April 25, 2003
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A form of government in which all social and ecconomical evils have been erradicated, leaving the citizens to live happilly ever after. Even though it's impossible as hell.

From the Greek word meaning "no place".
Everything is possible on paper. Nothing works out in the real world, but on paper...
by Restin256 June 16, 2003
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A society that is proposed by Carl Marx, promptly before the authories killed him. Basically the utopia is a perfect place where there is no rich and poor and everything is abundant, it comes from capitalism.
The Russians skipped the capatalism part, formed the Soviet Union, and killed anyone who opposed their "utopia".
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003
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1. A society in which there is no hunger, no dehibiliting diseases, and shelter for all.
2. The current state of the USA
3. The current possible state of the entire world, if we tried cooperating.
A man sits in his heated home, drinking a cold drink from his electrically powered fridge, sits in a ergonomic chair at his computer which can connect the world, researching proper nutrition and exercise that would give him a long healthy life, gets up to go to a job that pays for this and more looks out the window and sees the rain that provides extensive water for our crops, and deems it all a distopia because he will have to get wet going out to his car. As he drives to the bank to deposit his paycheck, he looks at all the taxes he has to pay because of the services they provide and wishes he lived in an Utopia.
by Chris Ferry January 30, 2007
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