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well fuck you if you do this. don't. don't say something is 'autistic' if you think its weird, don't call someone autistic if they're not, don't say 'autism' with no context as if it's a joke- it's not. seriously, fuck you if you do this. stop it, get some help, anyone with any type of autism is better than you.
Person 1: "hey did you hear insert dickhead's name using autism as an insult?"
Person 2: "yeah, let's go beat them up and call them neurotypical."
by ADHD killjoy December 06, 2019
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The most fucking idiotic thing to do.
Autism has levels and using autism as an insult is actually not offensive but idiotic as fuck because there's levels of severity of autism. People with level 1 autism are actually usually smarter then people without it.
by Your Gays July 09, 2020
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