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A nickname given by farmers, to any of the many self-powered products (E.G., trucks, tractors, tractor/farming implements & attachments, , refrigerators created by International Harvester Company or better known as IHC or IH, having a logo where a red i sits inside/over a black H (Resembling ]-i-), which is said to be depicting a man sitting on a tractor where the H is the tractor, the i is the man and the dot on the i is the man's hat/head.

The origin of this nickname spawns from the ingenuity of the International Harvester Company's owner Cyrus H. McCormick (inventor of the reaper). It was well-known in farming, that if something was helped to lessen the work on humans, animals & machinery, while getting the job done quickly and correctly, International built it. The love for something being built right, dependable and most importantly durable, was carried on to the truck industry and later to heavy machinery and big trucks today.

In the below Example, the date is 12/26/2012 and an International Scout wasn't the only thing to survive Winter Solstice... The place, a local gas station which also didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that the Mayan Calender had to be flipped back to page one (no idea what everyone is worked up about).
Man1 (filling up his new 2013 Ford Mustang) "So how long have you had that cornbinder?"
Man2 (filling up his 1973.5 International Scout II w/military Vietnam era `65-`68 304cid SV8.) "We're coming on our 18th year anniversary"

Man1 "What did you name it?"
Man2 "StoneThrower"

Man1 "How much do you have invested in her?"
Man2 "Roughly $5k, paid $1,200 for it w/about $6k in parts installed a $600 Skyjacker suspension and $640 in Ron Francis' Wiring, the rest was necessities as well, oil changes, brakes, usual bearings, etc.

Man1 "I remember tooling around in one of those when I was about 6 years old. Belonged to my Father. He gave it to me and well, I had to get rid of it cause it was so hard to find parts. I bet it's impossible to find parts now.
Man2 "Nope, International/Navistar still has a Light Line Parts division and pretty much everything is obtainable through them or by visiting binderplanet.com to see who the licensed Light Line Parts dealers are.

Man1 "Wow, I wish I never got rid of my cornbinder, sure did have a lot of fun in that old truck... it would go anywhere*. How many miles are on it"
Man2 "You can still find them around, for sale. It'll still go anywhere. and I take it everywhere*. I just put it back on the road after sleeving the 304 w/3-7/8" sleeves for standard pistons. Had $650,565 miles on it before anything was done to the bottom end. She'll have 750k on her before our 18th anniversary."
by strEt-Ys January 31, 2010

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To perform an illegal and dangerous act of taxiing vehicles, past-time/sport/activity originating from the city of Chicago.

It is performed by being hidden from sight at a stop sign and as a vehicle starts to take off, while ducking down below the back window, one runs up behind the vehicle and takes hold of it's rear bumper, squats down and skiis to or near their destination, where they release the bumper and walk or grab the next taxi. You wait until the vehicle starts to take off so that the vehicle can gain momentum and not be weighed down at the start.

A master skeetcher is one who has never been spotted or noticed by the driver or passengers until parting from the vehicle. They can take hold of the bumper without sound or movement on the vehicle and never fall off or get hung up on a bumper. They are light, but firm on their feet and can own the same pair of shoes for years, without wearing the soles down. They also have saved one or many of their friends from injury caused by losing grip of a bumper and can switch places without fear of losing grip him/herself.
Plenty of kids were injured over the years by assholes who intentionally fishtailed toward poles and signs while kids were skeetching their rear bumpers.

It was a fun thing for us to do through the 70s and 80s and I feel for the kids who can't play like we did, due to the rising population of sadistic individuals, who hide behind the mask that they're something tough, because they're angry they weren't sexually abused a by family members while growing up.
by strEt-Ys December 11, 2010

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Vaginal lubrication that occurs involuntarily and/or unexpectedly, when a female is aroused by something that occurs during normal activity or conversation (AKA Creamin' in your jeans)
Molly: "Yesterday at the fruit market, Tom selected and purchased some of the most fresh & ripe mangoes and kiwis I have ever seen. We walked the boardwalk, talking as he peeled the fruit. I don't know if it was the juices trickling down his hand or the sound of his voice, but I creamated non-stop, nearly the entire walk. Then I swear, I nearly climaxed as he slipped a piece into my mouth. I can't stop thinking about the juice dribbling down my chin!" ~Molly creamates again~
by strEt-Ys December 11, 2010

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Someone who is always drinking, but lacks the money to buy alcohol.
Billy: Can you explain how it is that Pete goes out at least four nights a week to drink, yet he doesn't have any money?

Paul: I have no idea how the LackAholic does it.
by strEt-Ys December 11, 2010

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A person who has not little, but no use, except to use up bandwidth.
Man/Woman 1: "The military calls people who have no use but to use up oxygen, oxy-morons."

Man/Woman 2: "Well in that case, there's this idiot is in the chat room all day, every day, stirring trouble. I wonder what his mother/father thinks of him/her being a bandwi-moron."
by StrEt-Ys September 20, 2010

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An anagram meaning Genetic Misconception. "Not the same GM (General Motors) owned by your Father or Fathers before him"
A GM spokesman who is honest will one day say, "We all know GM is not the same vehicle as they were in the past. Without opinion and with knowledge of the company and their procedures, I state they haven't built anything dependable since the last of the good 350s in 1974.

I now hereby enter this new meaning of the anagram GM into the population; As meaning Genetic Misconception. Don't be taken by the company simply because your 'Father said' or 'Grandpa said' they were the best trucks out there. FWIW, GM is responsible for sales of Toyota in Canada and the USA. New slogan should be 'Speeding forward and bypassing the next generation'. I am Honest John, soon to be ex-spokesman for GM and I hope to sell more cars this upcoming year, as a used car salesman, than they have in the past year. Thank you."
by strEt-Ys January 29, 2010

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The complete opposite of ebonics. A language spoken by white urban people, not ghetto scum who hang on the street selling crack and stealing white t-shirts from Wal*Mart. Also not spoken by kidiots who play video games or watch anime all day long.

Not what you want it to be, because I am the originator of the word, from the day the word ebonics was first spoken (1995). So... FOOK OOF!
____ said "!@#$ that ebonics bull shit... mixing words together and telling us what's politically correct. I vote we start a new language called urbonics."

Mo: LMAO, Caucasian phrasin'
by strEt-Ys December 11, 2010

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