When the online "sensation" Urban dictionary keeps rejecting any term you have came up with for unknown, unexplained, uncalled for, Boink, Bullshit reasons, and all you can do is wonder what the hell is wrong with it, while some frat boy jacks off to motzart laughing at people posts on urban dictionary, when really this is supposed to be some free willy dictionary that YOU are supposed to write so there should be no reason they shouldnt published, when unsanitary and disgusting words like a Dirty Sanchez, or racist terms like nigga are posted and all you really wanted was to post a damn term to call someone that all they want is sex.
Dude, Urban dictionary wouldnt let me post montey!

Person: Are you serious why?

Person: Idk they Urbanned my word with the banhammer

Person: What pricks!
by DAVVEEEEE January 8, 2009
Urban means relating to or concerned with a city or densely populated area, The term is exploited by corporations such as MTV to refer to black music/culture, without mentioning race.
Anything Urban = $$$$.
Suburban Kid 1: Dude I'm totally Urban, Check these new Timbalands, homie.
Suburban Kid 2: Naw Dawwwg. Fa Shizzle. Im rockin dis new White Tee, Ya feel me?
Suburban Kid 1: ohh shit here comes a real black person, be quiet buddy.
Suburban Kid 2: Oh oh yea, Marily Manson is like totally awesome.
Suburban Kid 1: Ok ok hes gone dawg.
Suburban Kid 2: Fa Shizzle
by +Anonymous+ June 9, 2005
an order/command to put something on urbandictionary or search it on urbandictionary
person 1:"dude wtf is snow plow?
person2 : urban it
person 1: i snow plowed this chick
person 2: haha snow plow..good one u should urban it
by {PLONK} July 29, 2006
1. Relating to, affected by, or resembling city lifestyle or any urban thingy
2. A person whose outlook is urbanized
1. Do you enjoy urbanic music more than the classics?
2. If she's not from the jungle, then she's definitely urbanic.
by timlight January 27, 2010
1: A new, natural-sounding, self-explanatory word that makes sense and may actually be absorbed into the modern lexicon; a word that should be on urban dictionary
2: An invented or existing word that can have a new, alternate meaning as a sexual term/fetish
Opposite: Unurbanable
1: "This bannana guacemole is so good, I'm having a foodgasm."
"Hey that's an urbanable word, you should put that up on UD"
2: The term Jewishly, for instance, can apply to both the ability to hear change dropping from miles away and having intercourse through a sheet.
3: "I tried to make the word PuertAfro-Chitalian into a word for urban dictionary but I couldn't make it into a sexual fetish. It is unurbanable."

by Dieagnostic123 February 4, 2009
someone who tries too hard to make funny Urban Dictionary definitions
Did you see what Leslie added to Urban Dictionary today? She is such an urbaner.
by crazyliver1 February 5, 2015
to have your definition show up on URBAN DICTIONARY'S home page.
I don't know if I can talk to you anymore, I was urbanated today.
by Deborah Lee September 11, 2006